The WaVE Catalysts

How to Believe
in yourself to

create more Impact
everyday by
resetting your thinking
to uplevel your Energy
not your Overtime

... Even if you think you know how.

Learn the techniques leading coaches use for
themselves & their clients to overcome
Over-thinking, Over-trying & Over-whelm as Leaders

'Freedom to Thrive' will show you how.


Are you ready for more freedom?

Hello! It's fabulous to see you here!

Imagine waking up everyday feeling energised, loving who you are, what you do and how you do it - now and your future. 
You know you only live once (#yolo) and you deserve to make it your best life.

Your gold lies in mastering the art of directing your mind & body but not in the conventional way you may think.

Many consume self-help content but fail to take action. Real sustainable change happens when thoughts are transformed into meaningful actions.

Your strategy for leveraging them together is unique to you and we have put the best concepts from our coaching into an impactful ebook for you to apply.

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Christine Jull & Sarah Linton

Co-founders of The WaVE

With decades of experience and thousands of hours of coaching, we developed a framework to Explore, Expand & Engage to get outcomes. 

Turn the clock back.

Despite our extensive study and both personal and professional investment in our corporate leadership, our experiences fell short of our expectations. Most everyone else experienced us as stars.

We felt trapped in overworking, compromising our wellness and the fulfilment we sought in making a meaningful impact.

Fast forward to NOW.

Our paths to fulfilling success were forged by mastering the art of resetting and transforming thoughts into action and getting enjoyment everyday.

You can embed new habits to align your wellness and how you lead and impact your relationships more than you could imagine.

Neuroscience Facts

Our brains are wired to prioritize immediate challenges that threaten our safety, such as the fear of failure in our roles and the risk of getting fired, rather than considering long-term health risks.

Believe it or not, our brains are not concerned with our future selves and the countless opportunities that lie ahead. Instead, they are focused on three main aspects:

1) Function - managing and coordinating a myriad of complex systems that keep us alive, operating mostly on a subconscious level.

2) Survival - constantly scanning the environment for potential sources of fear and danger in order to keep us safe.

3) Pleasure - seeking out the next immediate dopamine rush to satisfy our cravings.

However, if we can unlock the secrets of our own bodies, we have the ability to tap into a hidden treasure trove of innate wisdom. By doing so, we can completely transform our vitality and unlock our true potential.

The 3 'O's (Overwork, Overwhelm & Overthinking)

To train our brain to align effortlessly with our desires, we must be aware of the impact of what matters to us now, whether it's work, finances, relationships, health, or personal time.

The way you do your everyday impacts your alignment of your priorities and the results you get.

If you're stuck in patterns of overthinking, overworking, and overwhelm and ready for change, Freedom to Thrive unlocks opportunity.

Don't take our word for it.

We invite you to explore and experience it for yourself.

It's time to break free from recurring overthinking, over trying, and overwhelm and step into a life where you sleep well, enjoy time with family and feel valued in your work.

Are you ready to value yourself and join us on an adventure which will lead to Life Long Impact?

This is your invitation to say YES to yourself.
Sarah & Christine x
Sarah and Christine with FTT

How Would Your Everyday Change if You
Experienced Results Like our Clients?

(NB Sample identities only as we value our clients privacy, however all quotes are extracted from actual written feedback)

Client Photo Anne
5 stars


Honing in on what is important in life

Knowledge is power. Understanding the way our brains work and having an easy to follow guide to sort through the mess/challenges is priceless.

I have the power to self lead in any given situation. I have an easy to follow tool that breaks down any challenge or opportunity into manageable chunks to gain the results I want.

Ann, Creative Leader (Project Thrive and coaching)

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5 stars

Conscious Best self

Conscious thought. Isn’t it funny how we can come to rely on trigger, impulse behaviours when we are in the midst of pressure. 

Simply, if I’m not my best self outside of work, how can I expect to bring the best version to the workplace.

I do better framing thoughts by discussing them to achieve the outcomes.

Nick, Executive Leader  (Project Thrive and coaching)

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5 stars

Quest for Self-Belief

Often, when one is faced with challenges in life, the biggest hurdle can be not knowing how to even start to tackle them. 

Freedom  to Thrive is the start of a journey that will help you understand how to better connect with yourself and the life you want. It will help you overcome the challenges you face in everyday life and how to grow a greater belief in yourself and your abilities.

Jacquie, Leader of Change (Project Thrive and coaching)

What you will learn inside our EBook:

Freedom to Thrive

Our carefully crafted content offers valuable insights and practical exercises to help you thrive. Topics include navigating uncertainties, unlocking your potential, embracing intentional living, transforming habits, developing impactful strategies, harnessing vitality, turning priorities into realities, and creating meaningful opportunities.

Freedom to Thrive is your catalyst for change, challenging and elevating you to achieve more in your personal, professional, and leisure pursuits without overworking.

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This work works!
Even if you have been stuck in patterns for years
(or maybe a lifetime?!)

More Freedom to Thrive


Our FTT E-book is not AI-generated. It is real, authentic work based on proven strategies curated and experienced by us or our clients. The essence of the E-Book stems from our passion to reduce the draining impact of overworking, overtrying, and overwhelm. Freedom to Thrive offers practices to apply to your specific situations.

Condensed into 80+ easy-to-read pages with actionable strategies, this e-book is a valuable investment in yourself. 



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