The WaVE Catalysts

If you are often Overworking, Overthinking, Overwhelmed

and feel guilty as you struggle find balance 

and flow in your everyday...

You are NOT alone

 77 % 

experience work-related stress in the last 12 months

 62 % 

  carry the weight of emotional exhaustion

 48 % 

 feel drained & experience overwhelm

Amidst the Busy-ness; Focus, Productivity, Self Confidence, Satisfaction levels are in downward spirals that cost our Energy & Time and hence our Impact

Many business owners, leaders in the workplace, home or community feel the only way to sustain balance & flow is to continue to strive and drive.  However often they are sacrificing their Wellness, their Relationships and feeling guilty.

Until Now


The Solution 


Your progressive personal growth solution for more Freedom to Thrive

A 6-week Progressive Leadership Solution designed for Leaders by Leaders.

Your aspirations you have for your future and loved ones can become unclear over time.  Perhaps you feel a bit trapped in a hamster wheel.  Perhaps a bit overwhelmed by the hurdles of constant challenges, family, spouses or Project deadlines. 

Get ready to unlock your Courage, Compassion, Personal Impact and MORE Freedom.

This adventure will help you discover the essence of Freedom to thrive and make impact while aligning your Wellness, Leadership, and Relationships.

How you leverage them together is a personal strategy - unique to you and we can help you uncover new insights that change everything.

You learn how to Reset your thinking,
uplevel your Energy not your overtime,
so that you can Believe in &
create your Impact Everyday

.. Even if you think you know how.

The WaVE Signature System

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Learn the techniques leading coaches use for themselves & their
clients to overcome Over-thinking, Over-trying & Over-whelm

Project THRIVE will show you how to integrate the practices
that sustain your Vitality to Thrive.

Project Thrive guides you through The WaVEs’ signature step-by-step process for bringing fulfillment back into your everyday.

Everything is connected. Project Thrive provides specific focus on your Wellness, Relationships & Leadership.

When you thrive, you can integrate this trio to reset the weight of responsibilities to enjoy your health, family, friends and your role.

Find your Flow

This process has helped Sarah & Christine and their clients and teams deliver solutions which work for decades.

As a result you’ll be living an everyday with
an important truth:

Using your skills, talents and wisdom
with personal growth gets results!

EVEN if you:

  • Struggle with Overthinking, Driving and Striving
  • Consider yourself to be in Overwhelm
  • Tried to boost your Belief, but never quite got it to stick.

By taking the time to reflect you will cultivate an unwavering belief that persists through any circumstances life may throw your way.



Project Thrive Curriculum

                integrates progressive practices for life-long impact.

Find your Flow

Project Thrive is a 6-week commitment for you to THRIVE elevating your deepest beliefs to
Explore - Expand - Engage your personal Leadership at home, work and play.


Focus on your flow for

  • Sustained Wellness
  • Connected Relationships
  • Impactful Leadership


  • Powerful Self-awareness Reflections
  • Insightful Emotional Elevation
  • Mindfulness practices
  • Create a growth trajectory with self-coaching

    and much more....

 3 Transformational Steps

AV Icon

Audio Visual Training

Explore with Six weekly visual, audio content 
incorporating leading neroscience and practical strategies for life long impact - instantly.

Join Sarah & Christine on recorded  weekly Visual Audio training (20-30 minutes at your own pace) to guide you through curated content,
reflections and practical exercises going within, to discover patterns you can unravel in your thinking to feel better now and for your future.

Tribe Connection

Inspiring Thrive Tribe Q & A Calls

Expand - join your community and your WaVE Catalyst Coaches for 3 pre-booked virtual calls
with other like minded inspirational Thrivers for ongoing  support & encouragement.  An opportunity to practice together and
take a deeper dive on your topics and how these we can flip the script and make change.

121 Coaching

Powerful 1-2-1 Coaching

Engage 3 Hours pf personalised coaching sessions with the WaVE Catalyst Coaches
Bespoke  Coaching to explore unconscious thoughts, interrupt engrained patterns and powerfully guide you to move towards your
inspirations and future impact. You address your current biggest challenge and develop your strategies and
practices that move you forward.

Computer, Ipad, Phone with Sarah & Christine

Project Thrive Impact Booklet PDF

A printable overview and framework to review
the value of our initiative for you & the impact in your role.
Designed with you in mind to help you with the conversations you want to have for your
Progressive Personal Development plan.

PT Impact booklet - V135-1

 6 Transformational Weeks 



Understanding your Landscape

Understanding the impact of setting and maintaining your intentions, as well as tackling your current biggest challenge, and devising effective strategies and practices to propel you forward.


Resetting your Flow

Revitalise and generate a powerful course of action. Gain the knowledge to identify and overcome obstacles that hinder your progress. Cultivate a mindset that embraces opportunities. Implement the Reset Flow in any situation to transform the patterns that currently challenge you. Reset yourself and acquire the ability to self-coach in any circumstance.



Vitality and You

Gain a comprehensive understanding of how your energy and time intertwine. Discover the potential to be abundant in both Energy & Time. Unlock the power to shift your mindset and emotions, allowing you to generate the energy needed to take control of your priorities in your daily life.



Time Mastery to Wrap your week

Delve into the intricacies of effectively managing your time and energy on a daily basis, and discover the mindset and actions needed to maintain high levels of energy throughout the day. By doing so, you will unlock a multitude of opportunities to make a lasting impact.


Focus and Impact

 Where we focus mentally, physically and emotionally is where we create our impact.
Learn h
ow to focus your energy to create results so you can create opportunities at a higher level.


Re-engineering your Self Belief

How we feel about who we are, what we do and how we do it drive our ability to have the impact we want.
Know how to elevate your self-belief and how you can make your future impact.

At the end of your 6 weeks you will:

Experience a life-long shift in your Beliefs, Focus & Impact which you will harness everyday and in every way. 
You elevate your beliefs about yourself and be seen as your most impactful, authentic self.

Sustain your energy, focus and calm to get “s#*t done.

Cut through complexity to stay strategic and out of the weeds.

Cultivate more authentic connections with others & quality time with your loved ones.

Strategically manage your energy, time for more impact EVERYDAY.

Know how you have the power to choose how you think, feel & act with courage to sustain your Wellness, Relationships and your personal & professional leadership.

Included for your Impact

6  weeks of innovative AV Vitality Content for you to Explore ~ Expand ~ Engage 

Mindshifting reflections and strategies for you to access at anytime that will change your life 

Elevated Self Awareness and insights to design your best future self

Three 121 Powerful Sessions with your Catayst Coach

Three Thrive Tuesday Q & A Calls with a group of inspirational like minded explorers

Does this work work?
YES - Even if you have been stuck in patterns for years
(or maybe a lifetime?!)



Imagine getting beyond the overwhelming and expanding your Thrive Zone Everyday. 

It's why we wrote a book Freedom to Thrive - you get a free copy on Registration.
You are likely to discover that Project Thrive is the most valuable
investment that you have ever made in yourself

How Would Your Everyday Change if
Experienced Results Like our Clients?

'Honing in on what is important'

Setting intentions highlighted the many opportunities to hone in on what's important in life.
They re-align you to your values so your actions have the desired impact for yourself and your relationships.

Knowledge is power. Understanding the way our brains work and having
an easy to follow guide to sort
through the mess/challenges is priceless.

I have the power to self lead in any given situation. I have an easy to follow tool that breaks
down any challenge or opportunity into manageable chunks to gain the results I want.

      Ann, Creative Leader

'A conscious best self'

Conscious thought. Isn’t it funny how we can come to rely on trigger, impulse behaviours when we are in the midst of pressure.

Simply, if I’m not my best self outside of work, how can I expect to bring the best version to the workplace.

 I think often I do better framing thoughts by discussing them with someone as opposed to reading or following instructions.

They helped prepare me but didn’t necessarily help me to achieve the outcomes I gained from the discussions.

Nick, C-Suite Leader

'The Start of a Journey'

'Often, when one is faced with challenges in life, the biggest hurdle can be not knowing how to even start to tackle them. This exercise gives you that starting point and a step by step guide of how to overcome your challenges. Understanding the different components in the process such as setting intentions and being aware of how our thought processes work etc made complete sense to me.

Freedom  to Thrive is the start of a journey that will help you understand how to better connect with yourself and the life you want. It will give you an understanding of the practices to follow to help you overcome the challenges you face in everyday life and how to grow a greater belief in yourself and your abilities.

Jacquie, Leader of Change

Project Thrive

 Only $1297
for you to experience the power of Catalyst Coaching for 6 Weeks

Value Packed Wisdom for Everyday Life-Long Impact

Meet your Catalyst Coaches

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